5 People Arrested in Provo Car Burglaries | Utah Vehicle Burglary Attorney

You may have heard about the series of car burglaries taking place in Provo. Authorities indicated this week they detained 5 suspects in connection with auto and property thefts. Two of the individuals were identified as males in their early twenties while the other three were all found to be juveniles. The suspects were detained following phone calls the police received around 4:00 am in which a person suspected criminal behavior after allegedly watching the juveniles going around checking car doors in a parking lot. Just prior to that time an officer on foot spotted the 2 older men walking through a parking lot. The reports coming out so far in the news make it sounds as though the juveniles were checking for unlocked cars and the older suspect were then going in and removing property from the unlocked vehicles. The two adults were charged with vehicle burglary, theft, and possession of stolen property. The charges for the juveniles remains unknown.

Utah Vehicle Burglary Attorney

Many vehicle burglaries occur in Utah each year. Utah County in particular has seen quite a few auto thefts occurring in recent months. Burglary charges carry significant penalties in Utah so if you or someone you know has been accused of these crimes, they really need to seek the counsel and help of a qualified Utah Vehicle Burglary Attorney as soon as possible. In many cases the alleged suspects are innocent and should pursue their defense to trial if necessary. Whatever the case may be, burglary charges in Provo are not something to take lightly.

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