Drug Crimes Range from Misdemeanors to Felonies

Provo Drug Crimes Lawyer

Legal defense for drug crimes.

All drug crimes carry serious criminal and collateral consequences.

The Utah State Courts cite estimates indicating that arrests for drug crimes have increased by more than 100% in recent years.  Aggressive police work, aggressive prosecution, combined with recent implementation of stricter drug laws in Utah has heightened the stakes for defendants in criminal drug cases.

We provide excellent legal representation for those in the Provo area requiring assistance with criminal proceedings.  At Provo Criminal Defense you will find seasoned attorneys who have the experience, tools, and eagerness to protect and defend your rights as you go through judicial process.  We are with you from start to finish and fight every step of the way.

Prepared to Assist in All Drug-Related Matters

Drug crimes involve illegal controlled substances including marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, “club drugs”, methamphetamine, heroin, drug accessories, immediate precursor chemicals and impropriety with prescription drugs.

Our attorneys are prepared to assist in felony or misdemeanor cases involving:  drug or paraphernalia possession, distribution, drug manufacturing, cultivation, prescription drug fraud, trafficking, or conspiracy to commit drug offenses.  Drug laws can be very complex and drug charges are often coupled with other criminal charges in many cases.  Furthermore, drug crime convictions can have very real, life-changing consequences.  If you or someone you know is facing drug-related charges or have questions regarding such matters, come to a proven Utah Valley law office.  Provo Criminal Defense is ready to do the necessary work and research to build a strong case and provide an aggressive defense.

Finding the Right Legal Assistance for You

The attorneys at Provo Criminal Defense have focused experience in vehemently defending the rights of our clients who are facing criminal drug charges in Utah Valley.  To learn more about our services, to have your questions answered, or to receive your free consultation, please contact Provo Criminal Defense today at 801.800.8246.  We want to protect you.

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