Criminal Defense in Central Utah

Criminal Defense in Utah | Provo Lawyers Serve Central Utah

Central Utah is a unique area.  Outside the Provo/Orem area, most of central Utah is a very rural area.  There are several small towns peppered across the middle of Utah and many small towns depend on the criminal fines received from defendants.  Often, out of state travelers will be cited for committing a criminal offense.  This happens regularly to individuals traveling on I-15 or I-70, and those visiting the many national and state parks located in central Utah.  It is very difficult for these individuals to fight an effective defense against criminal charges when they live out of state and are unfamiliar with Utah’s criminal justice system.  It is even difficult for in-state residents to handle criminal charges filed in a central Utah small town.  Provo Criminal Defense Lawyers handle infractions, misdemeanor, and felony criminal cases throughout central Utah and can handle criminal cases for those who live outside and inside Utah.

Areas Served by a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer

Although based in Provo, Utah, Criminal Defense Provo serve the entire state of Utah and focused primarily on the central Utah area.  Most cases are handled without a client needing to appear in court or coming into our Provo office location.  We also focus on the following geographical areas:

  • Heber, Utah and surrounding towns in Wasatch County
  • Provo, Utah and surrounding towns in Utah County
  • Roosevelt, Utah and surrounding towns in Duchesne County
  • Vernal, Utah and surrounding towns in Uintah County
  • Nephi, Utah and surrounding towns in Juab County
  • Manti, Utah and surrounding towns in Sanpete County
  • Price, Utah and surrounding towns in Carbon County
  • Fillmore, Utah and surrounding towns in Millard County
  • Richfield, Utah and surrounding towns in Sevier County
  • Caste Dale, Utah and surrounding towns in Emery County
  • Moab, Utah and surrounding towns in Grand County

No matter how big or small the court is in central Utah, a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer will go there to handle the case.  Each case is handled with care and our attorneys work hard to reach the best possible outcome of a client’s case.

Although a Utah prosecutor has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a person committed a criminal offense in Utah, many people charged with a crime feel as though they have to prove that they didn’t commit the criminal offense.  Provo Criminal Defense Lawyers will help tip the scales of justice back in favor of those charged with violating Utah law. If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney for a criminal case in central Utah, contact a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer by calling 801.800.8246.  One of our attorneys  can give you a consultation over the phone and let you know how we can resolve your criminal case.

Helpful Utah Criminal Information

Contact information for all courts located in central Utah can be found online at the Utah State Courts website.  Those wondering about a  court date, wishing to pay a fine, or wanting to speak with a court clerk can find information on this site.

The Utah Statewide Warrant Search website can tell you if there is a warrant out for your arrest.  If you find an outstanding warrant for your arrest contact a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer.  We can sometimes get a warrant recalled.

The Utah Criminal Code is a valuable resource for those wondering exactly how a criminal offense is defined.  Sometimes the actions of people charged with a criminal offense do not meet the statutory definition of the alleged criminal offense.

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