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The attorneys at Provo Criminal Defense serve the local Provo-area residents who need help resolving or fighting traffic tickets or arrests.  If you have received a traffic ticket you do not need to simply take the hit on your record and pay the fine.  Doing so is akin to admitting full responsibility and accepting the full punishment when so often your actions do not actually warrant that penalty.

Traffic penalties can endanger your driver’s license, cause your insurance rates to dramatically increase, bring hefty fines, or even result in jail time.  Furthermore, one ticket or conviction now puts you at risk for compounded consequences in the future.  At Provo Criminal Defense we have vast experience with Utah traffic laws and with the criminal courts and judges who handle traffic offenses.  In addition to fighting charges altogether, many residents don’t know that courts are often willing to negotiate even simple traffic tickets to reduce or alter the penalty.  Our attorneys are prepared to help you seek the best possible outcome for yourself.

Prepared to Help with All Traffic Offenses

There are various classifications for traffic offenses under Utah including infractions, class C misdemeanors, or more serious offenses.  At Provo Criminal Defense we handle all traffic related offenses including:

  • DUI
  • Accidents involving injury to property or person, or death
  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and run
  • Speeding
  • Operating a vehicle without a license or registration
  • Failure to yield

Provo Criminal Defense is Ready to Help

If you or a loved one is in need of educated and trusted legal advice, call our local attorneys at Provo Criminal Defense who are dedicated to defending the rights of our neighbors.  In the often over-complicated justice system, you need an ally who can guide you through while working hard to provide you the best possible outcome.

Call the law firm of Provo Criminal Defense today for your free initial consultation at 801.800.8246.

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