What is a DUI Metabolite Charge?

Defending Against a DUI Metabolite Charge

DUI Metabolite Charges Are Regardless of Evidence of Impairment

DUI metabolite usually proved with blood test.

A DUI metabolite can be charged if there is any measurable amount of a controlled substance in a person’a blood.

It often comes as a surprise to people to know that, in the state of Utah, an individual can be charged with a DUI hours, or sometimes even days, after using a controlled substance.  Such charges can still be made even if a driver has exhibited no evidence of being impaired.  The types of charges we are referring to have been termed charges of DUI metabolite or driving with a measurable amount of a controlled substance.

Utah state law prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle if an individual is found to have any measurable controlled substance or a metabolite of such a substance in the person’s body, which is usually determined through a blood test.  A metabolite is a traceable substance that remains in your system after your body has metabolized something such as a drug.  This means that you could be charged with a DUI if you drive while any traceable amount of an illegal drug is still in your system.  That includes traces of prescription drugs if you do not have a prescription.  Some research has shown certain drug metabolites can stay in the body for up to several weeks.

Defending Your DUI Metabolite Case

If you have been charged with a metabolite DUI you can be subject to serious penalties.  You don’t need to manage it alone.  Our attorneys have vast experience working with DUI cases including cases of metabolite DUI.  We understand the procedures an officer must have followed for any charges to hold up, and we will help you ensure your charges are just or dropped.   We will seek the best possible outcome for you.  We have significant experience defending and negotiating these exact charges and will provide you with top-quality advocacy.

Utah DUI Metabolite Attorneys

Our attorneys know the strain that criminal charges can cause an individual and a family.  Charges put your finances and your very freedom at risk.  Don’t jeopardize your future or your family’s future by neglecting to get proper representation.  Call our offices to set up a free initial consultation at 801.800.8246.

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