Juvenile Crimes

Provo Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Defending Minors in Utah

If your child is facing charges for a juvenile offense, it is very likely that you have many questions, concerns, and worries.  Certainly such a situation is difficult for parents to go through.  Our lawyers at Provo Criminal Defense are aware of the stresses put on a family dealing with a juvenile criminal case.  We are sensitive to the parents and child as we aggressively pursue the best possible result for the defendant youth.

Working Within the Juvenile System

Our experienced attorney team represents local Provo-area youths in juvenile drug crimes, sex crimes, theft or property crimes or other juvenile criminal cases in the juvenile system.

The juvenile justice system is unique from the adult system and an effective defense requires an attorney with the proper preparation and knowledge to work within the juvenile system.  Penalties in the juvenile system tend to emphasize intervention and rehabilitation over other more tradition penalties. Sometimes counseling, community service, or other similar alternatives can be negotiated to reduce any charges or sentence length.

We at Provo Criminal Defense believe in the juvenile system and, when complete release from charges is impossible, we support seeking the best possible rehabilitative remedy when a young defendant is convicted of a crime.  We are committed to helping local families pursue the best results to help an accused or convicted youth avoid a pattern that may eventually lead to the adult justice system.

Free Initial Consultation at Provo Criminal Defense

At the law firm of Provo Criminal Defense we place the highest priority on discretion, professionalism, and confidentiality.  We understand that such values are of heightened concern when looking for an attorney you can trust with a case involving your son or daughter.

For your free initial consultation with one of our local dedicated attorneys, please call 801.800.8246.

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