What are the DUI Consequences You Should Worry About?

DUI Consequences Are Some of the Worst

DUI Consequences Come from Strict Enforcement

DUI consequences are many and serious.

Some of the DUI consequences include jail and losing your driver’s license.

The Utah legal system treats DUI charges very seriously and the consequences for such charges can be quite severe.  In fact, the state of Utah has some of the most severe penalties for DUI convictions in the country.  The state imposes both criminal penalties as well as civil penalties in the form of driver’s license restrictions.  Police officers and prosecutors are aggressive in pursuing DUI convictions and in seeking maximum punishments.  Under these circumstances, people who are unaware of all their legal rights could receive harsher treatment than they deserve.

By contacting an experienced attorney, you can make sure that you receive fair treatment.  Our attorneys at have significant experience working through DUI cases and are dedicated to defending the rights and seeking the best outcomes for clients just like you.

Potential Penalties for DUI Charges

Penalties for DUI charges may vary depending on a person’s age (whether over or under the legal drinking age of 21), any previous DUI history, level of intoxication, and other aggravating factors including any injuries caused.  First and second time offenders convicted of a DUI are likely to be charged with Class B misdemeanors and will face mandatory sentences.  A third DUI puts you at risk of felony charges.  Furthermore, any DUI charge will likely result in the suspension or even the revocation of your driver’s license, and commonly is coupled with other measures such as treatment, screenings, electronic monitoring, education, etc.

Most importantly, no DUI penalties are certain until you have been afforded an opportunity to defend yourself.  A qualified attorney can help fight your charges no matter what the circumstances are surrounding your DUI case.  A diligent defense will regularly discover errors made on the part of an arresting officer or a prosecution effort.  Similarly, assertive negotiation can result in reduced charges and reduced penalties, as is often accomplished via reduced charges of impaired driving.

Educated and Experienced DUI Attorneys

We regularly handles all types of DUI cases.  Our attorneys know how to seek the best results for you.  Call 801.800.8246 to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

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