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Going through a criminal investigation, experiencing an arrest, or facing the filing of charges often means a person is subject to significant legal risk.  Accusations alone can have serious impacts on one’s reputation, relationships, or even employment.  Convictions of crimes may bring fines, loss of license, or imprisonment among other consequences.  The legal process, especially at times of such stress, can quickly overwhelm a person.  Such a person should seek competent help.

At our firm you will find an experienced local attorney that understands Utah’s criminal justice system, and who will diligently seek the best possible results for each client.  Our attorneys are prepared to assist you from start to finish in your DUI matter.  With a practice exclusively focused on DUI and other criminal defense in the Provo area, we are eager to provide you or a loved one the help that you need.

Utah DUI Charges

If you or a loved one is involved in a drunk driving case, it is imperative to seek the services of a qualified and effective attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable with DUI law in the state of Utah.  Such an attorney at our firm can help you gain the basic legal footing you need, provide you with valuable legal advice, and work hard to safeguard your rights throughout any criminal proceedings.  DUI convictions are treated very seriously by Utah law.  Law enforcement officers and prosecutors are aggressive in seeking convictions and an unprepared defendant can easily find themselves facing very serious penalties. With so much at stake, a proven and experienced attorney can absolutely make the difference.

Carefully Seeking a DUI Attorney

If you have any questions concerning a DUI case that you or a loved one may be involved in, we here at Provo Criminal Defense are prepared to help.  Call 801-900-3717 now for your free consultation with an attorney at Provo Criminal Defense.

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