Felony Theft

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Felony Theft in Utah

In Utah, a broad array of crimes involving theft can be classified as felony theft crimes. Felony theft charges can mean years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, probation, restitution, and other legal penalties. Typically the larger the property that is stolen, the more probable the prosecuting attorney will charge the accused with a felony theft rather then a lower crime.

Usually felony thefts are committed as white collar crimes like embezzlement, or investor fraud where the accused gains access to large amounts of money either by job or by theft by deception and then takes that money for his own personal use. Even if the money was taken for a “good cause” or was being treated as a “loan” this could still result in felony theft charges because the accused took money entrusted to him for a certain purpose and used it for another purpose.

The Government Must Prove Every Element of the Case to Convict

The elements of theft are when one person takes the property of another either by taking or through misuse of funds he controls with the intent to deprive the other of that property. Without each of these elements the accused can not be convicted of a felony theft.

Most people who have been charged with this type of crime do not understand the intricacies of proving each element as well as the defenses that can be raised in order to mitigate the elements proven by the government. Experienced attorneys like those at Provo Criminal Defense can show you how to best combat the government’s case against you and show how your situation constitutes a defense against the crime.

Protect Your Rights

The government must follow a certain set of rules in order to ensure you are given a fair trial, and that all evidence collected against you is done in the proper way. Without following these rules the government’s case against you will not stand.  We will ensure you are innocent until properly proven guilty.

Our law firm’s attorneys have helped numerous clients who have been charged with theft.  Don’t attempt to fight the government on your own. Contact Provo Criminal Defense today for a consultation about your situation and how you can fight for your rights.

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