Petty Theft

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Petty Theft – A Small Conviction Can Have Big Consequences

If someone has been charged with petty theft such as retail theft and shoplifting, they often do not take the charge seriously and see it as they would a speeding or parking ticket. Such a property crime, however, is significantly different from a moving violation.  A conviction of petty theft qualifies as a criminal conviction in many ways which can drastically change your future and limit future opportunities.

In Utah, theft is considered to have occurred when the accused takes possession or unauthorized control of another person’s property for the purpose of taking the property. When faced with petty theft charges a person could be subject to heavy fines of $400 plus the court costs, probation or even a jail sentence of up to six months.

Factors to Consider


Petty theft is often something like shoplifting or some other “small” crime, but the seriousness of convictions in general can have a huge impact especially if this is not your first time being convicted.  On a first offense you are still facing a maximum of six months in jail.

Other things taken into account by a sentencing court beyond your previous criminal record include, if there was any weapon or threat of weapon used in the theft, any other crimes involved in the same incident, and the value of property that was taken.

Protect Your Record and Your Rights


If you or someone you know has been charged with petty theft don’t ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Often you must fight in order to protect your rights and ensure that your record remains clean.

The attorneys at Provo Criminal Defense have fought to protect many people in similar situations and they can help you. There are many and varied defenses available to those who have been charged with petty theft. The attorneys at our law firm will help craft the ones relevant to your case and protect your rights while ensuring there is a fair trial. Don’t feel that a petty theft charge is too small to worry about. We ar ready to fight for you.  Contact us today at 801.800.8246.

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