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In Utah, misdemeanors are divided into three classes (Class A – most severe, Class B, or Class C – least severe) depending on the severity of the crime and the corresponding penalties.  The attorney team at Provo Criminal Defense understands that any case you are involved in is a serious case.

Misdemeanor offenses can have very serious impacts on a person and on a family.  The social stigma tied to accusations and convictions can be very upsetting, employment opportunities are often affected, fines can be quite large, imprisonment is possible, and the lasting mark on one’s record can provide compounded problems in the future.  Furthermore, depending on unique circumstances, misdemeanors may be elevated to felonies and the stakes risen accordingly

We Represent Cases Involving All Misdemeanor Charges

At Provo Criminal Defense we handle all kinds of criminal defense work, including all classes of misdemeanors.  We put forth the same dedicated effort to cases whether they seem large or small.  If you have questions or need help with your case or another’s, involving any kind of misdemeanor, we can give you the representation and/or advice that you need, including:

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The local team of attorneys at Provo Criminal Defense is your source for Provo-area legal representation.  We have extensive experience with the local courts and handling all types of misdemeanor crime defenses.  We will do the necessary investigation and research of your case and the related law and tailor a case strategy that fits your unique circumstances.  We know that to those involved, their case is the most important case, and we pride ourselves in treating each case as such.

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