Aggravated DUIs in Utah County this Week

You may have seen on the news over the past few days a number of DUI cases involving death or serious injury to others. Two cases in particular stood out, one involved a DUI accident on the west side of Utah Lake, the other occurred in Orem. The Utah Lake incident reportedly involved a women alleged to be under the influence. She was driving a Jeep and lost control on a switchback portion of the road. The Jeep rolled 50 feet down a rocky hill. A passenger in the Jeep was critically injured and life flighted to the ER. The driver suffered only minor cuts and bruises and was life booked in the Utah County Jail.

The Orem incident involved a young man who ran over a young girl sitting on the side walk on Sunday afternoon. The girl was killed in the accident. The man is accused of DUI related charges and could be facing homicide charges. Breath test administered the driver were inconclusive but a blood sample was taken and sent to the labs to determine a more accurate BAC level.

Both of the incidents described above are extremely sad and could have been avoided. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victims. While we represent and defend individuals accused of all types of crimes, including aggravated DUIs, we do our best to also educate the public and get the word out on how important it is not to get behind the wheel when you have been drinking. At the same time, everyone is entitled to an attorney and we believe in this constitutionally protected right for all people, no matter what the circumstance.

Utah County DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI or related charge, you should speak with a Utah County DUI Defense Lawyer at our Provo Law Firm as soon as possible. We know you may have serious questions and concerns and want help. Our team of drunk driving attorneys in Provo are available by phone or email anytime of the day or week. We look forward to your call.

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