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Two teen boys who worked as camp counselors at a camp in big cottonwood canyon for children with diabetes were charged with multiple lewdness charges. According to court documents, the boys exposed themselves to multiple children at the camp and acted inappropriately in a number of other ways. Now the two boys are facing serious lewdness charges and may likely be sued civilly. The camp is a diabetes camp for kids and operates each summer. The two boys who were charged actually attended the camp themselves in former years. Needless to say, parents of the children who attended the camp are furious with the camp and the lack of oversight by the administration.

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We are your Provo lewdness defense attorney. Lewdness charges are somewhat common in Utah County. Lewdness is typically charged as a class B misdemeanor and carries several potential penalties. The most significant penalty is the potential jail time involved. When charged with a class B misdemeanor, you are facing by statute the potential for as much as 180 days in jail. This rarely happens for first time offenders but some jail time and other penalties are a real possibility. As such, you should always consult with an experienced Provo criminal defense attorney before you make any decision to go to court on your own. Lewdness charges can be embarrassing and may result in sex offender type treatment under the law. We understand people make mistakes and some people are simply innocent of any wrong doing. Whether you are guilty of something or not, you are entitled to legal representation. We can help.

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Don’t go through this alone. Call us now at 801-900-3717. Whether you are facing a charge in Orem or Provo, American Fork or Lehi, or Spanish Fork and Payson, we can help. We represent people all over Utah County. We understand how the courts work in Utah Valley and can help you with lewdness charges or any other type of criminal case, felony or misdemeanor.

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