Car Burglars Caught in Provo

Neighbor Tip Leads to Juvenile Arrests

Over the weekend, Provo police arrested 3 juveniles in Provo for car burglary. On Saturday night, a woman saw three teens dressed in black getting into her neighbors vehicle. The woman called the police who arrived in time to catch one of the three boys as he was trying to run away. The other two boys were later arrested as well, and the three of them have been refereed to juvenile court for vehicle burglary and curfew violations. The Provo Police Department cites car burglaries as a problem in their community and say that cracking down on it is a top priority for them.

Juvenile Charges

The juvenile criminal system is very different from the adult system because the State has different goals they want to achieve with juveniles. Although it could be said that the State tries to go easier on juveniles, that doesn’t change the fact that juvenile’s can be very detrimentally affected by juvenile proceedings. Not only could charges effect the juvenile’s future by showing up on their record, but they could also loose their drivers license as well as be required to serve time in detention or community service.

Provo Juvenile Crimes Attorney

If your child is facing charges for a juvenile offense then it is important that you seek legal help as soon as possible. Our attorneys are experienced in defending juveniles and know how to work in the uniqueness of the juvenile system. Regardless of the charges your son or daughter is facing, our lawyers can help. We offer free initial consultations so there is no reason not to at least come in and get some of your questions answered about how the juvenile process works. Call or email us today to set up an appointment. 801.800.8246

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