DA Considers Death Penalty in Teen Murder

Wendover Nevada Teen Murder Case

Last week, the 18 year old suspect in the Elk Nevada teen murder case was arraigned on serious charges surrounding the murder of a teenage woman in Wendover. This story has been all over the headlines in the past week as more and more details surrounding this unfortunate story begin to surface. It is now being reported that the district attorney on the case is considering pushing for the death penalty. The DA on the case is Mark Torvinen who told reporters he will decide whether or not to make this a capital case based on all the evidence and all the evidence had not yet been obtained or reviewed. An investigation is ongoing and the case is becoming larger on a local and national scale.

About the Case

The Elko County Murder case involves Kody Patten an 18 year old male, who allegedly confessed to striking teenager Micaela Costanzo, a young woman, with a shovel in the west desert just past the Utah border. Detectives reported that the Defendant hit the victim in the head with the shovel and buried her body. So far the defendant has been charged with 1 count of murder and 1 count of murder with deadly weapon. Authorities found the victim’s body outside of Wendover, Nevada, in a shallow grave. The investigation is still taking place but the alleged defendant has already been arraigned.

Murder Charges in Utah

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