Don’t Let Provo Area Prosecutors Bully You Around

Valid Plea Bargains Ensured by Provo Criminal Defense Lawyers

The law can often be very complex and hard for the laymen to understand.  This is why it is so important for a person facing criminal charges, such as a DUI, in the Provo area to contact a Provo criminal defense lawyer.  If a person relies on his or her own knowledge or skills to defend a criminal charge, he or she may suffer terrible consequences not anticipated.  A Provo area prosecutor will use his expertise and knowledge of the law to unfairly prosecute a criminal defendant.  When a criminal defendant has a Provo criminal defense attorney, a prosecutor won’t be able to bully a defendant.

Involuntary Guilty Pleas Invalid

Often times, a Provo area prosecutor will use threats or promises to convince a criminal defendant to plead guilty to a crime, such as to a DUI.  These tactics are usually found to be valid by courts.  It is only when a guilty plea is entered into because of a threat or promise that deprives it of a voluntary act that the guilty plea will be void.  A valid guilty plea must reveal that the person pleading guilty had a clear understanding of the charge and entered the plea without coercion or improper inducement.  A guilty plea could be void if the person lacked that clear understanding.

It is best to hire a Provo criminal defense lawyer and avoid all the problems with plea bargains that a criminal defendant could experience.  Every defendant is entitled to be represented by counsel unless the defendant waives counsel in open court.  A criminal defendant isn’t required to plead until he or she has had reasonable time to confer with an attorney.  So, its usually never too late for a person to hire a lawyer to defend him or her.

A Provo Criminal Defense Attorney Will Protect You

If you have been charged with a crime, such as a DUI, and the prosecutor has worked out a deal with you to plead guilty to the charge, don’t do it!  First call a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer and have him or her work with the prosecutor to get you the best deal possible.  A Provo Criminal Defense Attorney knows the criminal law and knows what a prosecutor can and can’t do.  Call 801.800.8246 for your free consultation with an attorney.

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