Don’t Let Tailgating Turn Into a DUI

This weekend is the much anticipated Holy War rivalry between the Brigham Young University and University of Utah football teams. This year the game will be played in Provo, at LaVell Edwards Stadium and while BYU is notoriously known as the driest campus in the nation, there are still those who like to tailgate like the rest of the world. So while you won’t be able to get drunk at the stadium that doesn’t mean you won’t be drunk enough to get pulled over on your way home, so make sure that if you plan on drinking to get the game kicked off right then have a designated driver in mind.

DUI penalties are very harsh in Utah and even if you are being charged with your first DUI you could still be facing jail time. Plus if you are convicted of a DUI you will automatically have your driver’s license suspended for 120 days as well as an alcohol restriction and interlock requirement imposed on your driver’s license. So if the possibility of saving lives isn’t enough to keep you from driving drunk just realize the mountain of legal consequences that could be coming your way if you get caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Spend your post game either celebrating or soaking your sorrows but don’t spend it in jail.

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