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Utah County DUI Suspects Should Hire an Attorney

Alcohol and other types of mind altering substances can affect the way individuals think and act.  Often, someone who is drunk will do things he would never ordinarily do if he were sober.  People have different reasons for drinking but it affects them in much the same way especially while driving.  Driving under the influence is never a good idea in Utah County.  A person cannot react to environmental conditions as well if driving under the influence.  Also, if convicted of a DUI, an individual faces jail time, fines, and revocation of driving privileges.  This is why it is important to hire a Provo criminal defense attorney to protect you from harsh penalties.

When can a person actually hire a Provo criminal defense lawyer to protect him?  A person can hire a Provo criminal defense attorney at any time to represent him for any criminal matter including a DUI.  A Provo criminal defense lawyer representing someone has confidentiality protections.  A criminal suspect can and should tell his lawyer about the criminal incident in question.  A Provo criminal defense lawyer cannot reveal anything a client tells him or her.  An attorney is the only person to whom a criminal suspect should talk.

Don’t Talk to Anyone But a Lawyer

People often talk too much to police officers, however, when they are pulled over for a DUI in Utah County.  Because of their inebriated estate, they often admit things they would not normally tell an officer or do things in front of the officer they would not ordinarily do.  Unfortunately, these acts and admissions can be used against a DUI suspect later in a court proceeding.

Persons pulled over for a DUI should not give details of what they have been doing to police.  People have the right to remain silent and not to tell police any details that police are interested in.  DUI suspects also have the right to be represented by a Provo criminal defense attorney.  DUI suspects should never talk with police without a lawyer present.

Provo Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend DUIs

If you have been arrested in Utah County for a DUI or for any other criminal matter, call a Provo Criminal Defense lawyer.  A Provo Criminal Defense lawyer will protect you from saying anything that will be damaging to you in a court proceeding and will ensure all of your criminal rights are protected.  Call 801.800.8246 to speak with a lawyer today.


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