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The Felony Process in Utah

A felony in Utah carries with it penalties of potential jail or prison time in excess of a year. Some felonies can land you in prison for life. It is extremely important for anyone charge with a serious crime in this state to obtain competent legal representation to defend you through the felony process. The biggest mistake an individual can make following charges is to proceed in the justice system without a solid criminal defense team. At our office we offer free consultations and payment plans so there is no reason not to meet with us and at least explore your options for defense.

Drug Felonies

One of the more common felony cases that occur in Utah County are based on drug charges. While simple marijuana possession and paraphernalia cases will typically not land you in a felony court, more serious drug charges such as drug distribution will. A \ common type of drug case which occurs in Provo that many people do not realize happens as frequently as they do, are the prescription drug related cases. Many people falsify prescriptions or otherwise engage in prescription fraud and are often charged with serious drug felonies. In Utah, some defendants with serious drug problems may be eligible for drug court. Drug court is a better alternative to jail and can help addicts get help. To learn more about drug court or other options to help you avoid felony penalties, contact us today.

Violent Felonies

Felonies that involve serious injury to others are often the most aggressively pursued by the prosecution. If you are charged with a violent felony crime you have an uphill battle. Your case will no doubt require experience, dedication, and a keen understanding of the system to ensure you are not taken advantage of by the other side. Violent felonies may be domestic related or involve weapons. Such cases require knowledge of the specific elements and defenses related to the crime. Don’t roll the dice if you are facing one of these serious felony charges. Call our office today.

Provo Felony Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been charged with a serious felony in Provo, we can help. Call our team of Utah County Criminal Defense Lawyers now. We offer free consultations and can even meet with you if you are currently incarcerated. Fill out the contact form to the right or call and speak with one of our advocates now.

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