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Wasatch County is one of the smaller counties in Utah, only a little bit more than 25,000 people, but it still has its fair share of criminal charges brought each month.  Heber City is its county seat and most populous city.  Wasatch County covers more than a million square miles, much of that national forest land, reservoirs, and state parks.  It also has highways 32, 35, and 40 running through it.

In addition to the local law enforcement agencies, Utah Highway Patrol and even the Department of Natural Resources police this large area of land.  UHP patrols the highways and DNR patrols the state parks and reservoirs.  Many DUIs and BUIs (boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol) are issued each year in this county.

Courts in Wasatch County

In the beautiful Heber Valley there are several courts: the Heber City Justice Court, the Wasatch County Justice Court, and the Fourth District Court.  The Heber City Justice Court is located right on main street in the center of town in the old tabernacle building on the top floor.  Criminal misdemeanor citations issued by the Heber City police department are handled at this court.

The Washington County Justice Court  and the Fourth District Court down the street a couple of miles from the Heber City Justice Court, although by that point it is considered Highway 40 and not Main Street.  The Wasatch County Justice Court is responsible for adjudicating any class C and B misdemeanor charges commenced by the county sheriff, UHP, DNR, or other state law enforcement agency that acts within Wasatch County and makes an arrest or stop within the county.

The Fourth District Court is headed by a judge who splits his time between the district courts in Provo and Heber.  He presides over all criminal cases beginning with class A misdemeanors and up to felonies.  Additionally he resides over all civil matters.

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