Impersonating a Police Officer in Orem

Orem Man Convicted of Impersonating a Police Officer

Everyday around there are crimes committed that the police do not see or ever find out about.  Some of us may call the police to report a crime and give information so the offender is caught and charged with a crime.  Some people, however, decide to take the law into their own hands to stop crime from happening.  Such was the case with one Orem man who pulled over a person for an alleged traffic crime that took place in Orem.  The man thought he was doing the community a service by stopping the man but he ending up being convicted of impersonating a police officer.  Impersonating a police officer is a type of fraud for which a judge does not view kindly.  Because impersonating a police officer can have serious consequences, it’s important for anyone accused of it to contact a Provo criminal defense attorney from Criminal Defense Provo immediately.

Orem Man Thought Drug Crimes Were Happening

The Orem man, Mark Vreeland, convicted of impersonating a police officer was sentenced yesterday to 4 days in jail, a $250 fine, 24 hours of community service, and 12 months of probation.  The incident happened when Vreeland forced a another man to pull his car over for supposedly running a stop sign.  Vreeland was wearing a hat that said “ICE Police.”  The man pulled over was from Brazil and Vreeland began asking questions about his immigration.  Then Vreeland accused the man of being involved in a drug operation.  He said that he had to know about drug crimes because he came from a Hispanic friend’s house with a Cadillac and that suggested drug crime evidence.

Mr. Vreeland may have believed he was doing a service to Orem City by fighting traffic and drug crimes but his actions landed him in jail.  Luckily, Mr. Vreeland had an attorney representing him otherwise his punishment may have been worse.  It’s important for anyone charged with a drug crime, traffic crime, or any other crime to contact a Provo criminal defense attorney.

A Provo Criminal Defense Attorney Will Help You

If you have been charged with impersonating a police officer or any other crime, contact a Provo criminal defense attorney from Criminal Defense Provo.  A Criminal Defense Provo attorney will help defend against your criminal charges and work with the prosecutor to keep your punishment at a minimum.  Call us today at 801.413.1753 to speak with one of our lawyers for free.


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