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A breaking news story  just hit reporting Al Jefferson’s girlfriend was arrested for domestic violence in the presence of a child. According to the police report, the girlfriend (a Ms. Lewis) was arrested after she bit and attacked the Jazz player. Ms. Lewis’ 2 children were present in the home at the time of the incident which makes the charge more than just domestic violence. Ms. Lewis, who apparently has been living with the NBA center for some time, apparently became very aggressive with him after an argument. Mr. Jefferson called the police to respond after she became violent and attacked him. Since the incident, Mr. Jefferson has declined to comment on the story. Some are wondering how this may distract Mr. Jefferson and the team as they gear up for the delayed season to finally start. You can view the video posted by KSL on the story below:

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Domestic violence in the presence of a child is a serious charge that can carry potentially devastating consequences. At our law office, we understand how difficult these situations can be. We do everything we can to protect the rights of the accused. In some cases, one party accuses the other of domestic violence or assault just to gain an advantage in a pending custody or divorce matter. Not all cases are justified and many times the allegations are unfounded. Whether you feel you are innocent of the charges or not, it always makes sense to have a Provo criminal defense lawyer protect your interests in the case.

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