Keeping Silent During Drug Crimes in Provo and Orem

Provo and Orem Police Want to Bust You For Drugs

If you live in Utah Valley, you have probably had many different experiences with Provo, Orem, and other city police.  Having law enforcement in Utah Valley is a necessity to ensure society is safe and orderly.  Sometimes Provo, Orem, and other city police use their power in ways that violates a person’s individual privacy rights.  In the name of protecting the community, Provo and Orem police will use trickery and deception to catch people breaking the law.  On a popular TV show, an episode had the police pull over a vehicle for speeding.  The police were not concerned with a dead body in the back seat of the car that was covered in blood but made a forceful arrest on a person in the car for marijuana possession.  The show was attempting to make fun of police obsession with drug crimes but its exaggeration was understood: police officers focus heavily on busting people for drugs.

Provo and Orem Police Will Get You to Talk

Because Utah Valley police officers fight drug crimes a lot, they know the tactics and practices that will result in a drug arrest.  One of the most common ways Provo and Orem police catch drug violators is by having the violator admit to having a controlled substance such as marijuana or prescription drugs.  People often admit to having drugs and then allow an officer to search their vehicle or home.  A person should never admit to anything but should stay silent during any police investigation.  If someone is going to talk to police, he or she shouldn’t do it without a Provo criminal defense lawyer.

A person has a right to remain silent.  This means that people do not have to tell police officers anything besides who they are.  Police officers will often ask personal question like “Where are you going” or “What are you doing”.  A person is not obligated to answer these questions.  A person without a Provo criminal defense lawyer should never answer questions from a police officer.  The officer may say things like “if you cooperate we’ll go easy on you” or “I will take you to jail if you don’t cooperate”. Don’t believe what officers say.  Most of the time they are saying things to get people to admit to drug crimes.  Never admit to anything.  Make the officer do the work if he really believes you have marijuana or other drugs and then call a Provo criminal defense lawyer.

We Will Talk to Provo and Orem Police For You

If you have been charged with marijuana possession or another drug crime, don’t speak with anyone until you have spoken with a Provo criminal defense lawyer.  One of our attorneys will protect your criminal rights and make sure you don’t say anything that will later hurt you in court.  Consultations are free, so call 801.413.1753 to speak with a Provo criminal defense lawyer today.

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