Landlord Accused of Sexually Assaulting Tenant

Payson Man Charged with Forcible Sexual Abuse

Over the weekend the police were called out to the house of a 21-year-old Payson woman’s home on accusations of sexual abuse. When they arrived they found the woman sobbing with her pants partially unzipped. The woman told police that she had called the landlord about some repairs to the home where she and her mother lived, and when the landlord arrived at the home he was extremely drunk. He refused to make the repairs and the woman and her mother both asked the man to leave multiple times. The landlord, Kurt Harmer, then reportedly began to grope the woman and explain sexual acts he would perform with her. Police later decided to arrest Harmer and he has been charged with forcible sexual abuse, sexual battery, and intoxication.

Utah Sex Crimes

In the situation described above, Harmer is charged with two separate sexual crimes. It may seem odd that one situation like the one described could produce two distinct charges, Utah law, however, allows for just that. The charges listed above are very similar in their statutory construction and the elements required for conviction are nearly identical. If a person takes indecent liberties with another person, by touching them inappropriately or whatever it may be but the crime does not amount to a greater offense like rape then it is forcible sexual abuse and/or sexual battery. Really the only thing that distinguishes these charges is where they are found in the code, and their purpose. Forcible sexual abuse is found under offenses against the person meaning it is punishing a person for the harm to the individual they touched, and sexual batter is found under offenses against public order and decency, meaning it is punishing a person for the harm caused those that saw the act. The second offenese also requires that the touching took place in the presence of another.

Utah County Sex Crimes Lawyer

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