Man Arrested For Brandishing Revolver | Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer

Provo police received a call this week that a man was wielding an old pistol at his girlfriend. The couple was at a friends house, when they got into a heated argument and 23 year-old Trevor Cambray started chasing his girlfriend around the house with a pistol. The owner of the home ended up calling the police and when they showed up Cambray was on the sidewalk in front of the home. Cambray had allegedly aimed the gun at his girlfriend and at himself during the argument. He was later booked into jail for charges of aggravated assault as well as two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Utah Assault Laws

The basic definition of Assault is an attempt, threat, or act of force to do bodily injury. From that starting point assault charges branch of into many directions. For example a basic assault charge is a class B misdemeanor, but if the actor actually causes substantial bodily injury, or if the victim is pregnant then the charge is enhanced to a class A misdemeanor. There are also separate charges for assault against a school employee and assault against a peace officer. In the case above the accused was charged with aggravated assault because he used a dangerous weapon (i.e. the gun), which makes the charge a third degree felony.

Violent Crimes | Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Violent crimes are very serious in nature and the laws are set up so the state can be very tough with offenders. The penalties involved with violent crime charges such as aggravated assault are very harsh and could result in serious jail time. If you have been charged with a violent crime and are looking for legal help in Utah then call the lawyers at Provo Criminal Defense. Our attorneys are experienced in criminal defense and can help you obtain the best outcome available. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation.

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