Man Shoots at Driver in Spanish Fork Road Rage Incident

Two men were involved in a road rage incident in Spanish Fork last week. The encounter escalated after the two drivers entered a residential neighborhood and the leading car stopped at a stop sign. Allegedly the man behind the front vehicle jumped out of his vehicle and approached the driver with a hand gun. When the other driver saw the man in his rear view mirror approaching his vehicle with a gun, the man supposedly panicked and attempted to run the guy over before speeding away. When the man attempted to run the gun holder over with his vehicle, the individual with the gun fired shots at the vehicle leaving at least 2 bullet holes in the truck, one in eh passenger door and another in the tail gate. Luckily, no one was hurt. However, the man who shot at the other driver was arrested after authorities were called by residents of the area who must have been panicked after hearing gun shots firing in the neighborhood. The shooter was booked on felony aggravated assault charges and will likely be facing a tough case. We are not aware of any charges being filed against the other driver although in our opinion it is probably likely the other driver will be charged with something. Utah has a large number of road rage incidents each year. We caution all of our clients and others to be patient on the road and avoid road rage.

Utah Aggravated Assault Attorney

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