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Memorial Day weekend is here again. A great time of year to remember those who have passed and the sacrifices individuals made to protect our liberties. Of course the holiday also means a great time to get out in the beautiful outdoors of the beehive state. Every Memorial Day, and the weekend days just prior, there are many DUIs issued by Utah County law enforcement agencies. Each year at this time the local police in Provo and all over Utah County, including the Sheriff’s Department, are on the prowl looking for drunk drivers to take off the street. Everyone knows this holiday weekend means BBQs and for many, an increase in alcohol as part of the celebrations. The police also know this and the number of DUI citations each year over the holiday seem to climb. In some areas, authorities may be setting up road blocks and checkpoints to pull over unsuspecting drivers to search for alcohol and drug use. Be safe over the holiday and if you find yourself facing a drunken driving charge in Utah, call us as soon as possible to ensure you are properly represented form the beginning. Other common types of charges during this time include open alcohol containers, marijuana possession, underage drinking, and related activities. For anything you are facing, we can help.

Provo DUI Attorney

If you are pulled over during the Memorial Day weekend, speak with a Provo DUI Attorney at our law office as soon as possible. DUI charges can be alcohol related or even drug or prescription drug related. Not only do the typical alcohol related DUI charges increase over the summer holiday time, but the marijuana related DUIs and other drug charges increase as well. Many individuals do not realize that driving under the influence of a prescription drug can even lead to a charge. Not only that, but all DUI charges carry the possible suspension of your driver’s license so it is very important you get a Provo criminal defense lawyer on board as soon as possible to handle the driver’s license aspect of the case and give you your best chance of keeping you driving privileges.

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We serve people charged with all types of DUI and drug charges throughout Utah County. Speak with an experienced defense attorney in our Utah County Law firm today. There is no charge for the consultation and we offer payment plans in many cases. Call now at 801.800.8246.

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