Mortgage Scam Ends with Prison

Cedar Hills Man Sentenced for Fraud

James Roberts, of Cedar Hills Utah, started a company in 2005 as a get rich quick scheme. Roberts and two others ran a scheme to identify residential properties, recruit straw buyers, and, through false statements on loan applications, falsely inflate the apparent value of the properties to induce lenders to grant loans in excess of the fair market value of the property. After buying the properties, Roberts failed to make the payments, and one by one they went into foreclosure, resulting in losses to the lenders. Roberts plead guilty to mail fraud and money laundering, and was sentenced last weekend to 37 months in prison.

Utah White Collar Crimes

In Utah there are a number of crimes that are considered White Collar crimes. White collar crimes are distinguished as crimes committed by a person of respectability or of a high social status. These types of crimes are often committed in the course of the persons occupation. White collar crimes almost always involve the motive of “getting rich quick” and include crimes such as bribery, embezzlement, larceny, and a number of different types of fraud charges. These are non-violent crimes that are nonetheless prosecuted heavily and involve serious penalties.

Utah County Criminal Defense Attorney

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