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A person may be charged with Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah if they pay, offer, or agree to pay another person a fee for the purpose of engaging in any type of sexual activity. Additionally, if you are found in a house of prostitution, you may also be charged with this crime. That means that just being in a place considered by law enforcement to be a brothel would be enough to be charged under the statute. Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah is a Class B Misdemeanor under most circumstances. However, if the person charged has HIV and has actual knowledge of that fact or was previously convicted, they may be charged with a third degree felony. Often times, individuals who are attempting to connect with a prostitute are charged with sexual solicitation as opposed to under the patronizing statute. Whatever you particular charges may be related to Prostitution in Utah, you should speak with a lawyer prior to giving any statements to the police or going to court.

Entrapment by Law Enforcement

Police officers in Provo and across the state of Utah have been running sting operations on occasion to crack down on prostitution and sexual solicitation. In some cases, the police may entrap someone into a prostitution scenario when the individual never intended to commit any illegal acts. This is one reason why it is so important to meet with a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer at our office prior to taking any steps in your defense. We have handled numerous cases in which our client was charged with Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah County when they never intended to engage in any unlawful sexual activity but rather were seeking companionship and non sexual entertainment. Escort services are generally not illegal so long as there is no exchange or offer of sexual activity for compensation and the escorts are properly licensed etc. Nonetheless, prior to engaging the service of an escort, one should be fully advised of what the law in this area dictates.

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