Previously Deported Man Arrested for Rape | Utah County Criminal Defense

Angel Adrian Jauregui-Lopez was arrested this week upon accusations of child rape and sexual abuse of a child. Lopez allegedly started molesting the child while living in Mexico and the child was only 5 years old. Five years later Lopez and the girl both moved to Orem, Utah where the girl alleges that the abuse continued. The girl states that she finally felt safe when Lopez was eventually deported back to Mexico, however, Lopez quickly obtained illegal documentation and changed his name to get back into the country. Lopez was arrested by Orem Police on Wednesday and has been booked into jail while the investigation into the rape and child abuse begins.

Utah Rape Laws

In Utah, rape charges are divided by age groups. The elements of a rape charge are pretty much the same but if the victim is under the age of 14 then the crime is considered rape of a child. As far as sentencing goes the biggest difference between the charges is that a child rape charge carries a minimum sentencing of 25 years imprisonment while a rape charge may carry a minimum sentence of 5 years if there was no serious bodily injury.

Utah County Criminal Defense Attorney | Sex Crimes Defense

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