Provo Man Accused of Extortion and Sex Crime

Provo Police set up a sting operation to catch Brad Adams who had been soliciting sex from other men on the website craigslist and then after the consensual encounter he would threaten to tell the other person’s family and friends in an attempt to extort money. He had done this multiple times apparently and after the most recent occurrence the other men paid Adams $260 dollars initial and then refused after which Adams told the man’s family. Adams apparently also demanded more sex as well as money and because of that he is being charged with both extortion and attempted forcible sodomy, a third-degree felony.

Utah Sex Crimes and the Internet

It has been quite common in the past for sex crimes to be linked somehow to the website craigslist but the story above is a slightly different twist on the norm. It is important that people understand what they are getting involved with when they deal with circumstances above and to understand what is legal and what is not. Clearly the circumstances above involved questionable behavior when Adams began trying to blackmail people and that is the kind of slippery slope that can start from innocent behavior online. Furthermore, when sexual relations are added into the mix it is important to remember that there are a lot of criminal statutes concerning sexual relations and it is important that the relationship is consensual and both parties are of an appropriate age.

Provo Criminal Defense Attorney | Sex Crimes

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