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Property Crimes Are Not Victimless Crimes

Many crimes committed in the Provo area are victimless crimes.  A victimless crime is a crime where there is no victim of an illegal action by another person.  A an example of such a crime is marijuana possession.  Many people may argue that a drug crime still hurts the community as a whole so there is still a victim, but this argument misses the point of there being no specific, identifiable person hurt by a illegal act.  Crimes committed that hurt other people are often treated more harshly than victimless crimes because the victim wants justice or restitution for the hurt caused by the perpetrator.  An example is a property crime such as theft.  The victims of thefts often push prosecutors to aggressively go after thieves because they want their property back and want the thief to suffer.  Fortunately for those accused of theft, there are Provo criminal defense attorneys to protect them from prosecutor abuse.

Provo Suffers From String of Thefts

The Provo City Prosecutor may be very busy in the coming weeks prosecuting theft if the Provo police catch those responsible for a string of recent thefts.  It was reported today that there have been 17 separate thefts from storage units at a Provo self-storage facility within the last two weeks.  This type of thievery from storage units is not unique either.  Stealing from storage units has been happening in the past to other storage facilities.  Provo police believe it may be the work of one person although it could be multiple people working together too.  If the person is caught, he or she is facing serious charges.  The person would probably be charged with multiple felonies and could face years in prison.  Hopefully the person hires the best Provo criminal defense attorney from Criminal Defense Provo to minimize his or her punishment or the only facility he or she will be in is a prison facility.

Provo Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Those Charged With Theft

If you are facing a theft charge in Provo, Orem, Lehi, or anywhere else in Utah, call the Provo criminal defense attorney experts from Criminal Defense Provo.  Our lawyers have handled many theft cases and will help you achieve the best outcome possible in your case.  Contact one of our attorneys today by calling 801.413.1753.

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