Provo Woman Accused of Starting Fire

Fatal Fire Not An Accident

Earlier this year there was a deadly fire at the Boulders Apartment complex in Provo, Utah. Police received a call from one of the tenants, Yvette Kimber, who said she was suicidal. Moments later the fire was reported. Kimber eventually called 911 as she tried to notify fellow tenants, but two of those tenants became trapped in their appartments and died. Kimber was initially detained for questioning and she described the events as an accident. Kimber reported that she was intoxicated and fell asleep with a cigarette, but later admitted to the investigator that she started the fire as a way to take her own life.

Charges Filed

Kimber was originally arrested for investigation of manslaughter, but after the Provo fire marshal determined that accelerates were used in starting the fire, the potential charges were upgraded. The new felony charges were two counts of murder and one count of aggravated arson. Judge Lynn Davis in Provo determined that Kimber was mentally competent to stand trial last month.

Possible Deal

Currently, Kimber is considering a plea deal which is still unknown. In a hearing today Kimber waived her preliminary hearing and Judge Davis alloted her 30 days to consider the plea bargain.

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