The Dr. Martin MacNeill Murder Trial

The Dr. Martin MacNeill murder trial in Provo, Utah, has been getting a lot of national attention over the past several weeks. It seems at the moment, this is the most followed trial in the national press. It is not often a Provo, Utah case gets this much attention but when one considers the allegations, it is easy to understand why. This case involves the now infamous Dr. accused of killing his wife. The cause of death was originally determined to be cardiovascular disease but after daughter’s of the Dr. pushed the issue, charges were brought and now Dr. MacNeill is facing a murder charge. For those of you who have not been following the case, here is the summary to date:

Background of Allegations

The prosecution alleges Dr. MacNeill was living a double life. On the surface he appeared to be an accomplished physician and lawyer but behind closed doors he was engaged in multiple affairs and fought regularly with his wife the former beauty queen. Dr. MacNeill allegedly convinced his wife to undergo a face lift. Soon after the procedure, Mrs. MacNeill was founds dead in her bathtub with several medications including oxycodone in her system. Initially, the autopsy concluded the cause of death was cardiac in nature but was later amended to include drug toxicity and was categorized as undetermined. Daughter’s of Dr. MacNeill apparently believe he killed their mother and pushed the issue with prosecutors.

Trial Procedure

Currently the trial is in full swing with experts and several witnesses testifying for the prosecution. Dr. MacNeill’s daughters testified and were cross examined by the defense. Additionally, Dr. MacNeill’s mistress testified on behalf of the prosecution. Recently, the judge ruled former inmates with D.r MacNeill may testify as to statements the Dr. may or may not have made while he was previously incarcerated. Several other motions have laid the out the rules for what testimony is admissible etc.


Check back for updates as we will continue to post as new developments in the case come up. It will be interesting to see how the defense responds to the testimony of the former inmates and whether or not a jury will find their testimony credible. It will also be interesting to see what witnesses are called on behalf of the defendant and what tricks, if any, the defense has up their sleeve.

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