Theft of Services in Utah | Criminal Defense Attorney

Theft of Services in Utah is defined as obtaining services through use of deception, threats, force, or any other means of avoiding due payment for services provided. There are a number of different scenarios which might arise in which a person might find himself or herself facing such a charge. One of the most common scenariosĀ is the infamous dine and dash. For those who may not be aware, dining and dashing is when a person goes to a restaurant and rather than paying the bill, the person sneaks out. We mostly see this type of charge involving younger individuals typically high school and college students. However, many older adults also are charged with this each year in Utah County and throughout the state. If you are facing a theft related charge, a criminal defense attorney at our firm can help.

Theft of Utility Services

Another common situation which may land a person a theft of services charge in Utah is stealing utilities. If you are stealing a cable or satellite connection, or even tapping into extended channels, you might be charged with theft of services. Since everything has moved into a more digital and technical service, stealing cable or phone services have become a bit more difficult. However, many people are still charged with this crime on a regular basis. What many people do not realize is that just because you may be paying for basic cable, does not mean you can tap into other channels or services provided by your cable company at no cost. Take our word for it, the HBO or HD package you might have figured out how to hack and are not paying for, is not worth the potential charge you may be facing as a result.

Theft Attorney in Provo

We represent numerous individuals every year for theft crimes. We understand the stress you may be facing if you have been charged with one of these crimes. A Theft Attorney in Provo can help you get the peace of mind and defense you need to move on with your life. If you are charged and convicted, you may have to pay restitution as a part of your sentence. We can help ensure your rights regarding restitution are protected and you do not end up owing more than what was actually taken.

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