Two People Arrested for Provo Murder

Some Crimes Commonly Occur in Utah County

Some crimes in Utah County are pervasive and happen consistently throughout the valley.  Such crimes as drug possession and domestic violence happen too often in Provo and the rest of Utah County.  DUIs are also very prevalent throughout the county.  Basically, because misdemeanors are essentially easier to commit, it only makes sense they are committed in a more prevalent manner.  Felonies aren’t necessarily harder to commit than misdemeanors but it can be more difficult for a prosecutor to charge a person with a felony.

One felony that few people are charged with is murder.  Most people don’t intentionally kill another human being so murder cases don’t happen very often in Utah County.  When a murder does occur, it is usually headline news.  A misdemeanor drug possession is seldom covered in the news because it happens so much.  In recent news, there has been much attention given to a murder of a man in Provo.

Police Arrest Suspects in Provo Murder Case

The murder occurred in Provo last week.  A 32 year old man was found injured with a gun shot wound to the head on his front porch.  The man died a day later.  Murders don’t happen often in Provo so many news outlets covered the story.  There also weren’t any suspects immediately after the murder which garnered further interest in the story.

This week the case further developed with the arrest of two individuals believed to be involved in the murder.  Both defendants have prior criminal histories which is not good for their public image.  Most people will probably automatically assume these men are guilty, but their guilt must be proved in a court of law.  Hopefully these men will have a Provo criminal defense lawyer to ensure they are tried fairly.  A Provo criminal defense lawyer can protect their rights and ensure they receive a fair trial.

Provo Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Any Defendant

Whether you have been charged with a simple drug possession misdemeanor or a serious murder felony, call a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer.  A Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer will represent a defendant for any criminal charge and ensure their rights are protected.  Call 801.800.8246 to set up a free consultation with an attorney today.


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