Underage Drinking in Utah County | Minor Consumption Lawyer

Every year, many teenagers are charged with minor in consumption and other related alcohol charges in Utah County. With fall now here and the new school semester in full swing, we anticipate an increased number of alcohol related citations issued especially to underage college students in the valley. What many teens and underage kids do not realize, is that you do not necessarily have to consume the alcohol in order to be cited. All it takes is technically having alcohol in your possession to be charged. Additionally, merely purchasing or even attempting to purchase alcohol or soliciting alcohol can be enough to find you are facing a citation and possibly a class B misdemeanor. If any of these scenarios apply to you or your child, call and speak with a Minor Consumption Lawyer in our Provo law office today.

Penalties for Underage Drinking

Some clients we speak to do not realize the potential penalties involved with being charged under Utah Code 32B-4-409 (the underage drinking statute in Utah). Probably the worst penalty you are faced with could be the suspension of your driving license for an extended period of time. Other penalties include court fines and fees as well as being required to submit to a drug and alcohol screening as well as an educational series. Additionally, depending on your rap sheet, you may be faced with the possibility of some jail time. For first offenders, jail time is typically not ordered. However, jail time is always on the books as a possibility. Unfortunately for some minors, they don’t take the case seriously and go to court without a lawyer and all of these penalties are thrown at them basically setting them up to fail. Don’t make the mistake of believing you can go in and resolve an underage drinking citation on your own. Smart clients hire smart attorneys to defend them in these matters. While an attorney cannot guarantee you a certain outcome for your case, they can help to ensure you get the best possible outcome given your circumstances.


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