Utah County JCAT Force Goes On Arrest Spree

Recently the Utah County Joint Criminal Apprehension Team (JCAT) has gone on an arrest spree.  They’ve arrested over 25 people who had outstanding arrest warrants for various crimes.  The JCAT team is comprised of various law enforcement agencies including the United States Marshals, investigators from the Payson City Police Department, Pleasant Grove City Police Department, Lindon City Police Department, Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P), U.S. Immigration, and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

The JCAT team is kind of like a SWAT team.  They typically surround a house en masse, quietly, and quickly.  Some of our clients who have been arrested by the JCATs have reported that they showed up out of nowhere.  They are decked out in military gear, body armor, and lots of fire power.

If you have an outstanding felony warrant in Utah County, chances are you will get a  visit from the JCATS.  Once they pick you up you will be taken to the Utah County jail in Spanish Fork.  There you will be booked and held until you have a court hearing, which should be given within 72 hours of being picked up.  When you are booked into jail you will probably be given an initial bail amount.  If you do not bail out on the initial bail amount you can request a bail hearing with the court.  At your bail hearing the judge will determine what your bail amount should be.

If you have an outstanding warrant in Utah County, you should give us a call.  In most instances it will fair better for you if you take care of the warrant rather than having the JCATs take care of it for you.  The best way for you to take care of the warrant is to get a Provo criminal defense lawyer from our firm on your case.  We may be able to get the warrant recalled or at least stave off the JCATs until we can get into court for a warrant hearing.  Call us at 801.800.8246 for a free consultation.

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