Wanted Drug Dealer Fights Police with Machete

Over the holiday weekend police raided a home in American Fork where they believed a known drug dealer, Remo Espinoza, was hiding. As officers entered the home they found Espinoza hiding behind the door and as he emerged he raised a machete ready to use it on a nearby officers. The officers were eventually able to pin the man down and cuff him with no injury to Espinoza or officers. Officers believe that the irrational and erratic behavior of Espinoza was due to methamphetamine use which they found on him. Espinoza was booked into jail on charges of attempted homicide on a police officer, resisting, arrest, and several other drug charges.

Drug Laws and Resisting Arrest

In the case above of Remo Espinoza, he was obviously facing some serious felony and misdemeanor drug charges before the arrest, but because of his actions when police came to the home he ended up with an additional first-degree felony, and a class B misdemeanor. Resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer never works, and always ends up costing an individual more heartache, especially if they are actually guilty of the original offense. The best advice that can be given to anyone in such a situation is to cooperate with police and not tell them anything until you talk to an attorney.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney | Provo, Orem, & American Fork

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