Wasatch County Prosecutor Files Charges in Cold Case

In December 1995, ¬†17-year-old¬†Krystal Beslanowitch’s body was found in the Provo River near Midway, Utah. She was found naked and it was determined that she had been bludgeoned to death by a rock. The police were unable to connect the girl’s death to any suspects and the case went cold until earlier this week when Joseph Simpson was charged with first degree murder of Ms. Beslanowitch.

Simpson, a former resident of Utah who now lives in Florida was charged with the murder earlier this week and will be extradited from Florida to stand trial in Heber. He has already been convicted and served time for a murder in Farmington, Utah in 1987 and was then released on parole in 1995. The murder took place about 8 months after he was released from prison. The new charge was brought against Simpson after some new DNA evidence linked him to the case.

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