Woman Arrested for Suspected Arson in Provo

Woman Accused of Burning Down Apartment in Provo

A 45 year old woman has been accused of aggravated arson and manslaughter, both serious felonies. She is accused of burning down an apartment complex in Provo, Utah, where she lived. Two people died in the blaze. Police, who interviewed the woman, shortly after she was taken into custody, reported that when asked if she did it on purpose, she remarked that she didn’t know. The woman has a criminal history including shoplifting and assault.

Provo Arson Defense Attorney

The charges this woman is facing are serious felony charges that carry substantial penalties. At our law firm, we represent individuals accused of all types of charges including arson. If you or someone you know has been charged with arson, manslaughter, or another felony, do not delay. Call us to get started on your defense today. Speak with a Utah County criminal defense attorney anytime at 1-801-900-3717.

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