Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah | Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer

A person may be charged with Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah if they pay, offer, or agree to pay another person a fee for the purpose of engaging in any type of sexual activity. Additionally, if you are found in a house of prostitution, you may also be charged with this crime. That means that just being in a place considered by law enforcement to be a brothel would be enough to be charged under the statute. Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah is a Class B Misdemeanor under most circumstances. However, if the person charged has HIV and has actual knowledge of that fact or was previously convicted, they may be charged with a third degree felony. Often times, individuals who are attempting to connect with a prostitute are charged with sexual solicitation as opposed to under the patronizing statute. Whatever you particular charges may be related to Prostitution in Utah, you should speak with a lawyer prior to giving any statements to the police or going to court.

Entrapment by Law Enforcement

Police officers in Provo and across the state of Utah have been running sting operations on occasion to crack down on prostitution and sexual solicitation. In some cases, the police may entrap someone into a prostitution scenario when the individual never intended to commit any illegal acts. This is one reason why it is so important to meet with a Provo Criminal Defense Lawyer at our office prior to taking any steps in your defense. We have handled numerous cases in which our client was charged with Patronizing a Prostitute in Utah County when they never intended to engage in any unlawful sexual activity but rather were seeking companionship and non sexual entertainment. Escort services are generally not illegal so long as there is no exchange or offer of sexual activity for compensation and the escorts are properly licensed etc. Nonetheless, prior to engaging the service of an escort, one should be fully advised of what the law in this area dictates.

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For more information on your case, call and speak to a Provo Defense Attorney now. We look forward to reviewing your case and helping you through a potentially embarrassing and difficult situation. Everyone makes mistakes and there is no reason not to at least speak with one of our team members. We have the experience necessary to ensure you get through the process in the most reasonable way possible. Call or email us now to get started on your defense and get some piece of mind.

Man Shoots at Driver in Spanish Fork Road Rage Incident

Two men were involved in a road rage incident in Spanish Fork last week. The encounter escalated after the two drivers entered a residential neighborhood and the leading car stopped at a stop sign. Allegedly the man behind the front vehicle jumped out of his vehicle and approached the driver with a hand gun. When the other driver saw the man in his rear view mirror approaching his vehicle with a gun, the man supposedly panicked and attempted to run the guy over before speeding away. When the man attempted to run the gun holder over with his vehicle, the individual with the gun fired shots at the vehicle leaving at least 2 bullet holes in the truck, one in eh passenger door and another in the tail gate. Luckily, no one was hurt. However, the man who shot at the other driver was arrested after authorities were called by residents of the area who must have been panicked after hearing gun shots firing in the neighborhood. The shooter was booked on felony aggravated assault charges and will likely be facing a tough case. We are not aware of any charges being filed against the other driver although in our opinion it is probably likely the other driver will be charged with something. Utah has a large number of road rage incidents each year. We caution all of our clients and others to be patient on the road and avoid road rage.

Utah Aggravated Assault Attorney

If you or someone you know has been charged with a serious violent felony, call and speak to a Utah Aggravated Assault Attorney in our office today. Violent crimes are generally prosecuted very aggressively in Utah County and throughout the state so be sure you at least meet with a private lawyer before deciding how to proceed in your defense. Our law firm is experienced in violent felony cases and will provide you with a free consultation. Call us now for more information or to get started.

Provo Crimes by Out of Towners

One thing that can make criminal charges especially difficult is if a person is cited for an offense while on vacation or traveling. It is often quite difficult to deal with criminal charges and understand the complexities of the system when your are charged in your hometown. Now put that scenario hundreds or thousands of miles away and it becomes nearly impossible. The courts cannot be concerned with where defendants live and the judicial systems figure that if you were able to be in their jurisdiction to commit the crime or at least be charged of it then you can come back to be there for your court date. The reality is however that its not that easy and most people can’t just be traveling back and forth between home and a court that is miles and miles away.

An Attorney to Be There For You

One option that works much better for most people than traveling back and forth is to hire an attorney who can be there for them. At Criminal Defense Provo we can represent you in your case and you never have to leave your home state. Plus we will make sure that you get the best outcome available instead of taking a crummy deal from the prosecutor simply because you don’t want to be traveling back to Utah. Depending on where you live it may also be cheaper to hire an attorney then pay the travel costs.

Provo Criminal Defense Attorneys | Representing You

If you have been charged in Provo, Utah of a crime and you don’t live close enough to be able to travel back and forth to appear at your court dates then call Criminal Defense Provo today. We have worked with hundreds of out of state clients and we will keep you informed of your case and your options and make sure that the case gets resolved in a manner that is satisfactory to you. Call or email us today to find out more.

Statute of Limitations for Criminal Offenses in Utah

On rare occasions, prosecutors do not file criminal charges for months or even years after the alleged offense occurred. Under some circumstances, if the prosecutor waits to long to file the charges, they may be dismissed under an applicable statute of limitations in the Utah Criminal Code. At our firm, we are always checking to make sure certain offenses can even proceed forward under these statutes or whether they should be dismissed. You should always check with an Utah criminal defense attorney if you think a statute of limitations applies to your case in favor of dismissal. As general information, we provide the following list of SOL provisions:

  • FELONIES – Generally speaking, felonies must be commenced within 4 years.
  • MISDEMEANORS – Generally speaking, misdemeanors must be commenced with 2 years.
  • INFRACTIONS – Generally speaking, infractions must be commenced within 1 year.

The general rules do not apply to all charges and there are exceptions to these general rules so we cannot stress enough the need to speak with an attorney before relying on any information or proceeding in any certain manner.

Commencing a Prosecution

What many people do not realize is what actually qualifies as meeting the statute of limitations. You do not necessarily have to be given any notice that a charge was filed against you for the statute of limitations to be saved. A prosecution may be commenced sufficient to save the SOL in three ways. First a prosecution may be commenced upon the filing of an indictment by a grand jury. Second, a prosecution may be commenced by the filing of a complaint or information. And finally, the one that often really gets people, is the issuing of a citation sufficient to save the SOL.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Provo

Expiration of the statute of limitations is rarely a defense because normally charges are filed relatively soon after allegations are made. However, we have represented a number of clients in which their cases were dismissed as a result of the SOL date running. If you think a valid SOL defense applies in your case, call and speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in our Provo office today.

Underage Drinking in Utah County | Minor Consumption Lawyer

Every year, many teenagers are charged with minor in consumption and other related alcohol charges in Utah County. With fall now here and the new school semester in full swing, we anticipate an increased number of alcohol related citations issued especially to underage college students in the valley. What many teens and underage kids do not realize, is that you do not necessarily have to consume the alcohol in order to be cited. All it takes is technically having alcohol in your possession to be charged. Additionally, merely purchasing or even attempting to purchase alcohol or soliciting alcohol can be enough to find you are facing a citation and possibly a class B misdemeanor. If any of these scenarios apply to you or your child, call and speak with a Minor Consumption Lawyer in our Provo law office today.

Penalties for Underage Drinking

Some clients we speak to do not realize the potential penalties involved with being charged under Utah Code 32B-4-409 (the underage drinking statute in Utah). Probably the worst penalty you are faced with could be the suspension of your driving license for an extended period of time. Other penalties include court fines and fees as well as being required to submit to a drug and alcohol screening as well as an educational series. Additionally, depending on your rap sheet, you may be faced with the possibility of some jail time. For first offenders, jail time is typically not ordered. However, jail time is always on the books as a possibility. Unfortunately for some minors, they don’t take the case seriously and go to court without a lawyer and all of these penalties are thrown at them basically setting them up to fail. Don’t make the mistake of believing you can go in and resolve an underage drinking citation on your own. Smart clients hire smart attorneys to defend them in these matters. While an attorney cannot guarantee you a certain outcome for your case, they can help to ensure you get the best possible outcome given your circumstances.


5 People Arrested in Provo Car Burglaries | Utah Vehicle Burglary Attorney

You may have heard about the series of car burglaries taking place in Provo. Authorities indicated this week they detained 5 suspects in connection with auto and property thefts. Two of the individuals were identified as males in their early twenties while the other three were all found to be juveniles. The suspects were detained following phone calls the police received around 4:00 am in which a person suspected criminal behavior after allegedly watching the juveniles going around checking car doors in a parking lot. Just prior to that time an officer on foot spotted the 2 older men walking through a parking lot. The reports coming out so far in the news make it sounds as though the juveniles were checking for unlocked cars and the older suspect were then going in and removing property from the unlocked vehicles. The two adults were charged with vehicle burglary, theft, and possession of stolen property. The charges for the juveniles remains unknown.

Utah Vehicle Burglary Attorney

Many vehicle burglaries occur in Utah each year. Utah County in particular has seen quite a few auto thefts occurring in recent months. Burglary charges carry significant penalties in Utah so if you or someone you know has been accused of these crimes, they really need to seek the counsel and help of a qualified Utah Vehicle Burglary Attorney as soon as possible. In many cases the alleged suspects are innocent and should pursue their defense to trial if necessary. Whatever the case may be, burglary charges in Provo are not something to take lightly.

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Prescription Drug Defense Attorney in Provo

Prescription drug charges are common in Provo and throughout Utah County. Prescription pain medications specifically can be very addictive and often lead to problems for patients following treatment. In fact, many individuals who are charged for possession of such medicines as Oxycodone, Percocet, Loratab, and other opiates, often initially have legal prescriptions and later are so addicted to the medications they pursue illegal means of obtaining such products. Many celebrities have even disclosed how they became addicted to these medications and the problems which arose in their lives. Certainly if you have been charged with felony possession of prescription medications, or a related charge such as fraudulent prescriptions, you are not alone. These are substantial issues which need to be addressed in a meaningful way in the local Utah County community and throughout the state of Utah. To speak with a prescription drug defense attorney in Provo, call us now at 801.800.8246.

Utah County Drug Court

In many cases where someone was charged with a prescription drug related offense or other drug offense such as cocaine or meth, the Utah County Drug Court may be a good resolution to the case. With drug court, the alleged defendant is required to enter a treatment and educational program which helps to resolve their underlying addiction issues rather than going to jail and suffering other potentially harsh penalties. Not everyone qualifies for drug court so it is important to have your case reviewed by a Provo criminal defense attorney in our office as soon as possible. Here, we have helped many people through the drug court system and in resolving their felony cases in a way that allows them to keep their job, avoid jail, and continue to be in their families lives.

Provo Drug Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with prescription drug related offenses in Provo, Orem, Spanish Fork, Lehi, or anywhere else in the county, we can help. Call and speak with a Provo drug defense lawyer in our office today. We look forward to your call.

Provo Spice Defense Attorney | Bath Salts in Utah County

A Provo spice defense attorney in our law firm can represent you when charged with possession or distribution of spice related products and bath salts in Utah County. The law in this area is very grey in many respects so it is vital to have an attorney from our office with our vast experience and knowledge on your case. Spice is sold in many different forms and may contain many different chemical compounds. Most people are not aware that many different types of spice are actually illegal. The Utah state legislature first enacted spice laws in Utah a couple years ago. Since that time, state law makers added many new substances to the spice controlled substance list. Today, many different types of chemicals used in spice products are illegal including the JWH lines, RCS-4, and more. If you are purchasing or selling what you think to be legal synthetic marijuana, you should consult with a Provo criminal defense lawyer in our office first to be sure. Even if what you have been charged with is not a listed controlled substance, it may be an analog (structurally similar) of a controlled substance and you may still be in trouble.

Bath Salts in Utah County

Just as spice is being sold as a marijuana substitute, bath salts are being sold as cocaine or other drug substitute in Utah County. Bath salts or glass cleaner are designer drugs similar to those often found in spice products. Law enforcement officials from Lehi to Orem and Springville are cracking down on these types of products. If you possess any of the bath salt substances listed on the controlled substance list, or an analog of such substances, you may end of up facing a criminal charge. If you or someone you know has been charged with a spice or bath salt related crime, call us immediately.

Spice Charges in Provo

Spice charges in Provo are tough and aggressively pursued by prosecutors. If you are facing this type of case, we can help. We have represented individuals in all types of spice and bath salt charges from simple possession to distribution and manufacturing. You found the right firm to take your fight and give you the best possible chance of resolving your case in a fair manner. For more information, call and speak to a member of our team today. We are available any time at 801.800.8246.

Memorial Day Weekend | Provo DUI Attorney

Memorial Day weekend is here again. A great time of year to remember those who have passed and the sacrifices individuals made to protect our liberties. Of course the holiday also means a great time to get out in the beautiful outdoors of the beehive state. Every Memorial Day, and the weekend days just prior, there are many DUIs issued by Utah County law enforcement agencies. Each year at this time the local police in Provo and all over Utah County, including the Sheriff’s Department, are on the prowl looking for drunk drivers to take off the street. Everyone knows this holiday weekend means BBQs and for many, an increase in alcohol as part of the celebrations. The police also know this and the number of DUI citations each year over the holiday seem to climb. In some areas, authorities may be setting up road blocks and checkpoints to pull over unsuspecting drivers to search for alcohol and drug use. Be safe over the holiday and if you find yourself facing a drunken driving charge in Utah, call us as soon as possible to ensure you are properly represented form the beginning. Other common types of charges during this time include open alcohol containers, marijuana possession, underage drinking, and related activities. For anything you are facing, we can help.

Provo DUI Attorney

If you are pulled over during the Memorial Day weekend, speak with a Provo DUI Attorney at our law office as soon as possible. DUI charges can be alcohol related or even drug or prescription drug related. Not only do the typical alcohol related DUI charges increase over the summer holiday time, but the marijuana related DUIs and other drug charges increase as well. Many individuals do not realize that driving under the influence of a prescription drug can even lead to a charge. Not only that, but all DUI charges carry the possible suspension of your driver’s license so it is very important you get a Provo criminal defense lawyer on board as soon as possible to handle the driver’s license aspect of the case and give you your best chance of keeping you driving privileges.

Utah County Law Firm

We serve people charged with all types of DUI and drug charges throughout Utah County. Speak with an experienced defense attorney in our Utah County Law firm today. There is no charge for the consultation and we offer payment plans in many cases. Call now at 801.800.8246.

Orem Burglar Leaves Homework Behind | Provo Burglary Attorney

Dallas Naljahih, an 18 year old Orem resident has been accused of burglary, theft, assault, and drug use. Police officers claim Mr. Naljahih entered the home of an Orem man late at night and assaulted the resident after the man found him rummaging through his office. According to police, Mr. Nalhahih broke into the man’s house at approximately 4:30am last Saturday morning. The old man woke up after hearing a ruckus and got up to investigate. After seeing he was discovered, Mr. Naljahih is accused of punching the home owner in the face and running out of the home. However, the suspect allegedly left his back pack in the house with his homework and other identifying information. Mr. Haljahih was later picked up and booked in the Utah County Jail. Burglary in Utah County is more common than many people realize. Mr. Haljahih is believed to be a senior at Orem High School with no adult criminal background.

Provo Burglary Attorney

If you are someone you know is being charged with burglary in Utah County, you should speak with a Provo burglary attorney at our office immediately. Theft, breaking and entering, and assault all carry potentially severe penalties including possible jail or prison time depending on the circumstances. In Utah, if you enter another individual’s home or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime, you may be charged with felony burglary charges that can have a lasting impact on your life. Whether you are guilty or not, you deserve legal representation to ensure you are treated fairly in the system. We understand that sometimes good people make bad choices and we want to help you through this difficult process.

Criminal Defense Provo | Orem | American Fork

Whether you live in Provo, Orem American Fork, Spanish Fork, or anywhere else in Utah County, we can help. Our team of Provo criminal defense lawyers is ready to take on the toughest burglary or any other criminal case. Call us anytime at 801.900.3713.